Born 18th December 1962.

Occupation: Park ranger

I live in Washington city (DC)

My fear: Astraphobia

My thoughts:

  • Sometimes my gun jams right when I’m about to kill someone but then I realize it was the wrong person I wanted to kill so all is well.
  • today tomorrow is when i start anew

My info: Atún a la Vercruzana: Easy Veracruz-Style Tuna, by sheriwetherell

veracruz tuna

The ubiquitous Veracruz sauce, a classic from Veracruz, Mexico, typically contains garlic, onions, oregano, tomatoes, olives and capers. It traditionally features red snapper, often cooked whole, and is known as Huachinango a la Veracruzana, or Veracruz-Style Red Snapper.

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