Job: Animator

I live in Scottsdale city (AZ)

My fear: Somniphobia

My thoughts:

  • The world is a dark, scary place full of deceivers and liars.
    The world is a happy, bright place full of trustworthy, altruistic people.
    You pick.

My info: Why ISIS is a threat to Saudi Arabia: Wahhabism's deferred promise, by Fouad al-Ibrahim

The House of Saud fought the religious regimes that emerged after the Arab Spring. They allocated a huge budget to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood rule in Egypt in order to prevent the emergence of a model of Islamic rule that competes with and undermines the legitimacy of the Saudi regime. But there appeared from within the Wahhabi arena people who carry a competing project and who have inflammatory ideas, religious justifications, military and human power that make them a potential alternative in a divided environment. This was revealed by the calls made by young people on social networking sites to the prince of the faithful of the Islamic State to come to the Hijaz and liberate Mecca from the House of Saud. (...)

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