I’m 55 years old.

Occupation: Radiographer

I live in Norman city (OK)

My thoughts:

  • I just never thought she was a quitter.
  • I need more virtual friends. Friends you can turn to any time of day or night for anything, but which have no ability to turn to or bother you...
    There should also be a website where you can wish for things and then some of them just some true, delivered...

My info: Carpano Bianco and an AMAZING Spanish Gin named Mahon , by wbobrow

I just have to tell you about my new book, Whiskey Cocktails.  But first allow me to share with you a most fantastic gin from Spain.  Spain you say?  Do they even make gin in Spain?  Yes my friend they do.  And a marvelous gin it is.  I'm sure that there are more

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