Born 15th June 1961.

Job: Librarian

I live in Biloxi city (MS)

My thoughts:

  • I don’t like John Denver, but I have to admit that sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.
  • I need more virtual friends. Friends you can turn to any time of day or night for anything, but which have no ability to turn to or bother you...
    There should also be a website where you can wish for things and then some of them just some true, delivered...

My info: A Lesson in Sushi: 3 Ways to Make a California Roll , by lrodrigues

Sushi is a fun and interactive meal where the whole family can participate.  When you had your first bite of sushi, more than likely you tasted a California roll.  This iconic sushi roll is made with a combination of crab meat, cucumber and avocado.

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