I’m 25 years old.

Occupation: Pilot (aviation)

I live in Aurora city (CO)

My thoughts:

  • The world is a dark, scary place full of deceivers and liars.
    The world is a happy, bright place full of trustworthy, altruistic people.
    You pick.

My info: Hundreds of women burnt alive every year in Iraq, as family-based violence rises with breakdown of law and order

‘Violence inside the home has increased along with violence in the street,' says Miriam Puttick, author of the report.
‘We are seeing hundreds of cases every year in which women are burnt alive, widespread acceptance of the murder of women for bringing so-called dishonour to their families, and high rates of female genital mutilation. In recent years there has even been a revival of the practice of fasliyya, in which women are bartered as a means of resolving tribal disputes,' she adds.
Young women and girls also fall foul of harmful practices. The report details increasing rates of forced and underage marriage, including large numbers of girls married under the age of 14 and some as young as ten.

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