Born 20th January 1966.

Occupation: Leadworker

I live in Washington city (DC)

My thoughts:

  • Sometimes my gun jams right when I’m about to kill someone but then I realize it was the wrong person I wanted to kill so all is well.
  • today tomorrow is when i start anew

My info: Border Crossings, by Alex Ross

“North and West and South are quaking / Thrones are cracking, kingdoms shaking / Fly to the East, so pure and fair / Taste the patriarchal air!” When Johann Wolfgang von Goethe composed these lines for his poetic cycle “The West-Eastern Divan,” nearly two centuries ago, the Middle East seemed to him a shimmering idyll, the antithesis of war-torn Europe. Venturing beyond exotic stereotypes, Goethe immersed himself in Islamic tradition and Persian poetry. His aim was to foster a new kind of Weltliteratur, or “world literature,” in which far-flung cultures would become more aware of each other. Both West and East belong to God, he wrote, adapting lines from the Koran.

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