Born 20th January 1966.

Occupation: Leadworker

I live in Washington city (DC)

My thoughts:

  • Sometimes my gun jams right when I’m about to kill someone but then I realize it was the wrong person I wanted to kill so all is well.
  • today tomorrow is when i start anew

My info: French Muslims, Never Fully at Home, by James Estin

After the terrorist attacks last month on the offices of Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket, the airwaves and the web were filled with vitriol toward French Muslims. Many demanded that they condemn the violence, which most Muslim organizations and public figures did. But far right-wing commentators in France and beyond attacked Islam itself, insisting that the religion was inherently violent. These debates disturbed Bharat Choudhary, who has spent the last several years documenting the lives of Muslims in the United States, Britain and, most recently, France.
Source: Lens

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