Born 24th June 1971.

Occupation: Engineer

I live in Washington city (DC)

My fear: Hoplophobia

My info: It's not Hamas, it's the Illegal Settlements, by Cody O'Rourke

Hamas is more of an Israeli marketing strategy — a ‘necessary illusion' — as it is an existential threat to the state. For the Israeli military, ‘Hamas' is the quintessential brand name for packaging its use of force against Palestinian civil society and selling it to the Israeli public and the international community. People are quick to support the use of force to establish or maintain security, particularly when framed as a preemptive measure against ‘terrorist' elements. After 9/11 the world began to adopt the War on Terror narrative, and the politics of fear entered center stage. This shifted Israel's belligerent occupation of Palestinian lands from a Human Rights and International Law paradigm, one in which the government is legally responsible for the health and well being of the population, to one of suppressing a population with a legal system constructed to demolish homes, detain of children, imprison Palestinians indefinitely, issue curfews across cities, close access points to communities which restricts freedom of movement, construct apartheid roads of Jewish exclusivity that link up to Jewish communities built on annexed Palestinian land all under the guise of combating terrorism.
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