I’m 31 years old.

Occupation: Cab driver

I live in Spring Valley CDP (NV)

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  • I bought some powdered water today. Directions were not included. Now i don’t know what to add?!
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My info: Architecture Under Attack: Investigating the State Narrative After the June 14 Demonstration in Paris | Leopold Lambert

To the risk of spending too much time on political matters specific to France for a certain amount of the blog's readers, I would like to come back to a very recent event that occurred a few hundreds meters away from my office, and that I was therefore able to document and investigate in a way that is not dissimilar to the (much more rigorous) methods of Forensic Architecture. On Tuesday June 14, a massive demonstration took place in Paris and gathered several hundreds of thousand people protesting against the new labor legislation that intends to (de)regulate labor conditions in the workers' disfavor. Exceptionally the demonstration was organized as a march from Place d'Italie (South-East of Paris) to Invalides (Center-West of Paris). A certain amount of clashes occurred along the way between the massively deployed police — we're still under the state of emergency — and several dozens of masked participants who undertook to break down advertising windows, banks and insurance companies' storefronts, as well as throw stones at the police — whether one thinks that such action is legitimate or not, one is obliged to observe the asymmetry of means, as well as the fact that these individuals represented less than one percent of the participants to the demonstration. As it is customary (cf. this widely shared/translated cartoon), the press and politicians strictly framed their coverage and discourses on the spectacle offered by cocktail molotov, fire bombs and other firecrackers (conveniently forgetting the ubiquity of teargas and deafening grenades), rather than on the human tide of dissent that flowed the Paris boulevards.

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